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Organizuje vaše školka společné akce s rodiči?

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Arthur, St. Petersburg


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Johan Fourie, Compton Dundon



My name is Johan Fourie and I am looking to sell DataList.biz.

We are a data company that has been in the industry for 12 years.

We do around $170k/year in revenue.

1) I am looking to sell 50% of the business for $5k.
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Please contact me on WhatsApp +27 72 280 1952 or my personal email: johanfourieinc@gmail.com if you are interested in this and we can have a call.

Johan Fourie

Mike, Hundleton



I am Mike O'Driscoll from digitalsy.org.uk

Your website looks really great.
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Mike O'Driscoll

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Danelle Gouin, Obegg


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Martin, Southfield



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Henrietta, St Eugene De Guigues



Just wanted to reach out to a few people regarding their data being leaked, some of the Google rank trackers that connect to Google Search Console/Webmaster Tools are leaking data. I wanted to let you and a few others know that https://www.track-r.net doesn't connect with Google and has a 7 day free trial on, if you want to try it out.

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Dana Lörinczová, Kopřivnice



Šárka Krhovjaková, Karviná


Ano,organizujeme spoustu akcí s rodiči.

Zdenka Hýžová, Havířov


Rodiče pomáhají s přípravou zahradních slavností, jezdí s námi na výlety, připravují pohoštění na společné akce atd. Jsou super!

Zdenka Hýžová, Havířov



Zdeňka Hermanová, Krásná


Ano, teď zrovna ve čtvrtek máme karneval a máme skvělé spolupracující rodiče.

Blanka, Hrabyně



Jan Vavřička, Frýdek-Místek